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behind the scenes newborn photoshoot

Hello and Welcome!
 My name is Denise and I absolutely love being a Photographer, period! My heart has always drawn me to the special genre of Newborn & Baby Portrait Photography.
I just love those newborn snuggles and their sweet tiny toes!
I am your Paris, Ontario's Newborn & Family go to portrait photographer. I will tell anyone who is willing to listen to me that I have...The Best Job Ever! I get to have the sweetest baby snuggles during a newborn photoshoot. But don't forget that I also get to act just as silly as your toddler during a Little & Lively Photo Session and also have fun during your family's photoshoot to bring out those loving family connections and genuine smiles. The magic of a maternity to motherhood journey is such a blessing to be a witness of and document for you. Oooh and the bigger babies learning to sit up with the drooliest giggles! and yep yep we cannot forget the cheekiest of toddlers and teens too....Did I mention that I have?...The Best Job Ever!!  

Ok so more about me!
Through continued college level photography and industry specific self-directed education, being mentored with hands on learning by our industry's most leading professionals and in-person workshop classes, I have been able to master my skills not only as a photographer but also as a digital artist, allowing the images I capture to be turned into works of art. 
I strive to provide you and your family with unique and timeless images that you will treasure for a life time. 

I love being a wife to my husband Kevin of 28 years and a mother of my 4 boys well, men now! and then the best part of any parenthood journey?? It is reaching the grandparent stage! I've been very blessed in becoming a "Baba" (Ukrainian~Grandmother) to some very sweet & utterly cute grand babies.

I pride myself in being very compassionate, extremely patient and competent at soothing and handling newborns, connecting with your toddlers & children, helping families feel at ease during their photoshoot.  

My photography style is classic and timeless.
The storyteller of you and/or your family's life milestones.
I am here to capture the journey of your belly then to the miracle of your newborn baby. The growth of your precious growing baby, to your cheeky toddler and teens...  All of these moments and milestone's have a special place in your heart & should be proudly documented and displayed through~out your home, so if you think that we are a good fit then I am here to capture and record these precious and fleeting moments, to help you to remember them forever with beautiful custom art portraits. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones, to capture your family's next grand adventure!.

                                          Denise ~ xoxo

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